About Us

New England Biopharmaceuticals, the parent company of Moonstruck CBD is about helping people become the best possible version of themselves. Our team is dedicated to developing and bringing products to the market that are aligned with this goal.

The story of New England Biopharmaceuticals is one of family, friends and life’s unexpected twists and turns. Original founders Lucie Salhany and Jeff Hudson came together after working on another project and as their friendship developed it became clear that they both shared a common goal of wanting to help people grow, succeed and thrive.

They focused on helping and connecting others with people on a daily basis. It dawned on them that the way to make the biggest impact would be to build a company around a product that would make people’s lives better and that could generate returns to dramatically increase their ability to invest and help even more people. This mission drove the team to take a deep dive into the cannabis industry. 

Lucie had been investing in the THC side of cannabis for years and believed that the industry would become a significant piece of the consumer-packaged goods landscape over time. While living in Charleston, SC with his family for one year, Jeff embarked on developing a vertically integrated Hemp/CBD business through a fortuitous relationship with a large local family. Together the two founders realized they could leverage both sides of the cannabis Industry to build the platform that became New England Biopharmaceuticals (NEB). At the same time, Jeff had embarked on a significant re-evaluation of his diet, lifestyle and overall health and wellness.

Their combined focus is now the driving force behind the team at NEB.  The company has a singular mission to develop the best possible cannabis and naturally derived products at an affordable price - so that everyone can access the best available cannabis products as tools to enhance their wellness. 

Our commitment is to continue developing cutting edge products and educating our customers on how to maximize their individual relationship with cannabis. 

Moonstruck CBD is our flagship offering in the CBD space. We are asked why Moonstruck all the time. Our brand was created to take advantage of the magic of nature and the power of the moon. Just like our products, the moon offers a surge of energy, a healing power, a rejuvenating experience.

The opportunity for healing, meditating, and recharging your energy field comes with the rising of the Full Moon. Our product captures this pure energy, the restorative elements and the healing of the moon. Moonstruck CBD is a high-quality product, with unique formulations and scents that will appeal to any discerning adult.  Moonstruck CBD brings CBD to the People in a range of products and at a price point that has not been done before.