How to use CBD for Your Pets

Consider a situation where your beautiful dog Cooper is not acting himself because he just had a knee injury, and there is still lots of swelling. Owners would love to do anything they could to reduce Cooper's pain to make him the jolly puppy he always was again. Now consider Daisy, a small dog who suffers from anxiety around large groups and stressors like car rides. Her owner wants to try everything to calm Daisy down but can’t find anything over-the-counter that doesn’t involve serious side effects. Cooper and Daisy’s owners have recently heard about CBD for pets from a friend, and want to learn more about how it works. So how can CBD improve your pet's everyday life?

Pets can be a way to cheer you up after a long day, or just love you unconditionally. Most owners spoil their pets and want the best for their health and safety, so how can CBD aid in this process? We should start with a flyer saying that the FDA has still not regulated CBD products for pets, however that does not mean they are not effective nonetheless. If your pet sadly struggles with epilepsy, osteoarthritis, or chronic anxiety, CBD can alleviate the struggles involved with these conditions. Different studies show that giving small dogs CBD oil twice a day reduced frequency of seizures, and osteoarthritis.

In terms of anxiety in dogs, no clinical studies have been conducted but out of 833 veterinarians surveyed 87% said that CBD was helpful in treating anxiety in dogs.* If you feel comfortable giving your pet CBD, their recommended dose of oil given is 0.5-2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Dose your pet twice a day with that amount to aid any of the conditions previously mentioned. Large events can be highly stressful for our beloved pets. If a large event like a large gathering, fireworks, or loud music is occurring later in the night, you can dose your pet a couple hours before and then directly after the event to help relieve stress.* Pets can experience happier and less stressful lifestyles as a result of CBD, however if you do give your pet CBD make sure you tell your veterinarian because as referred to before it is not FDA approved just yet.